Miller’s Guild

Reducing smoke and odor from a 9 ft wide wood fired grill located in an historic downtown Seattle hotel restaurant
  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Client: Miller’s Guild
  • Model Used: Maxi Grill 500S

About this Project

Miller’s Guild opened in December 2013, located in the historic Hotel Max, built around a nine-foot-long, custom-made wood-fired grill. James Beard Award winning chef Jason Wilson crafted a menu featuring 75-day dry-aged beef, nose-to-tail butchery, and rustic baked goods.
Due to the high risk of smoke and odor nuisance posed by the large wood fired grill, Miller’s Guild was required to demonstrate that they would be able to reduce emissions to acceptable levels in the city of Seattle.

A Maxi Grill 500S was the chosen unit based upon the grill size and CFM air flow rates of the hood system. After installation of the Maxi Grill 500S, an independent testing laboratory was contracted to perform an emissions site study. The independent testing laboratory concluded that the duct emissions were acceptable within the EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards and Miller’s Guild continued to operate.

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